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Barbados Packing List

Touchdown in Barbados! We started talking about a trip to this tropical paradise over two years ago and are thrilled to finally visit this beautiful place. I’ve been saving up quite a few resort pieces for a tropical destination over the past year and love what I’ve packed even more than usual. We’re staying at the beautiful Cobblers Cove Hotel which is right on the water and I’m looking forward to lunching in bikinis by day, and going for all-out glamour by night. Here’s what I packed for our week long stay in the Caribbean: 

Barbados Packing List

Dresses – Nothing easier than a throw-on-and-go dress while on vacation, and I’m packing lots of options. I love getting a little extra dressed up for dinner when I’m traveling (and you get better service!) so here are the dinner ensembles I’m bringing:

And for more casual day dress options:

Tops – 

Bottoms – 

Swim – We’ll be right on the water so lots of swim is a must! I’m bringing:

Shoes – I love an extra special shoe while on vacation and I brought a great mix of special occasion and summer staples on this trip – the rule is the shoe just has to work with at least 2 outfits! 

Bags – How many bags is too many bags? (I always pack my most valuable bags and shoes in my carry-on! Don’t leave things to chance!) 

Accessories – 

Miscellaneous – 

Luggage – Have been using this lightweight eco-friendly set for years (and yes, everything listed above fits in these three bags including a bunch of heavy cameral equipment. 🙂 



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