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  1. Isabel M. Rodriguez
    September 16, 2023 / 5:43 am

    Hi Stacie, May I ask your opinion about the SF Mirjana belt you are wearing ? Aside from white dresses, what colors can I wear it with ? Can it be worn with trousers and if yes how big should the loop holes be ? Appreciate your advise. Thank you.

    • Stacie
      September 17, 2023 / 12:27 pm

      Hi Isabel!

      I think the Mirjana belt works with so many colors, white/ivory, browns of any shade, navy and olive are no brainers. I’d also wear it with burgundy, or light blue if you coordinate the brown leather in the belt with your shoes. You can totally wear it over high waisted trousers, but would actually skip the belt loops so you dont break up the pretty line of the belt. It’s a gorgeous piece and definitely will work for outfits year-round. xx Stacie

      • Isabel M. Rodriguez
        September 18, 2023 / 9:13 pm

        Thank you Stacie for your advise. Much appreciated ! – Isabel

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