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Pillows Make the Room with Arianna Belle

Stacie Flinner Arianna Belle Pillows-6.jpg

With the holidays upon us and a calendar full of hosting events I’m happy to report our living room is finally starting to come together! We’ve been here for almost three months and as I decorate each space I feel like there’s an “ah-ha” moment when the room suddenly feels homey and ours. In our master bedroom that moment came when I installed the canopy over our bed and in the living room it was when these beautiful custom pillows from Arianna Belle arrived right before I left for England.

Stacie Flinner Arianna Belle Pillows-3.jpg
Stacie Flinner Arianna Belle Pillows-10.jpg
Stacie Flinner Arianna Belle Pillows-5.jpg

I’m a pillow collector (some might say hoarder) but I find the perfect set of pillows really makes the room. Pillows are a relatively low cost way to totally transform the look of a space and can be a great way to test if you like living with a bold color or pattern before committing to a larger item. While there are many wonderful sources for throw pillows I often find that I need a pillow in a different size than what is offered online, or want the fabric to be on both sides of the pillow which is uncommon for ready made pillows but so luxurious! Enter Arianna Belle, an incredible destination for made-to-order pillows created from the most covetable designer fabrics. What I love love love about Arianna Belle, is her pillows are totally customizable with the click of a button. I can select the size I want, the shape, the fabric, and choose whether the pillow is either single or double sided, ensuring the final product is exactly what I need. Typically this kind of customization is only available through a designer and involves longer lead times and ordering over the phone instead of online. It’s honestly so much easier than going through a workroom and I love using her as a source in my clients’ homes and my own.

Stacie Flinner Arianna Belle Pillows-9.jpg
Stacie Flinner Arianna Belle Pillows-13.jpg
Stacie Flinner Arianna Belle Pillows-2.jpg
Stacie Flinner Arianna Belle Pillows-4.jpg
Stacie Flinner Arianna Belle Pillows-11.jpg
Stacie Flinner Arianna Belle Pillows-1.jpg

Looking back over photos of our last apartment I wanted to add more color this time around. Our living room furniture is mostly in navy and camel tones (my favorites!), which I consider a neutral foundation for layering on other colors. I painted the walls the palest shade of grey-blue (Benjamin Moore’s Blue Veil) which just happened to match the linen drapes from my office, so when it came to pillow selection I wanted to tie in the light blues and punch it up with the perfect olive green velvet which looks beautiful and appropriate for all seasons. Since our leather chesterfield sofa has a relatively low back I wanted to make sure the pillows weren’t popping up too high above the sofa and selected two 20” velvet pillows, and two 18” pillows (one in this floral and the second in this stripe) to nest inside with a cute little animal print lumbar pillow in the center to tie the blue and green together. If picking pillows is daunting for you I’ve included several of my favorite combinations below and Arianna Belle has a great guide on her site detailing different combinations which you can access here.





Thank you Arianna Belle for partnering on this post!

xx SF

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  1. Monica
    January 3, 2024 / 12:27 am

    Hi – your room is so beautiful! Everything about it speaks to me and is how I would like my living room to look.
    Can I ask where your sofa is from? It’s exactly what I’m looking for and having problems finding.
    Thank you

    • Stacie
      January 10, 2024 / 2:41 pm

      Hi Monica! Thank you for the compliment! our sofa was a craigslist find when we first got married, but I agree leather chesterfields can be hard to get right. i liked that ours was already vintage with some nice patina, so you could search for “chesterfield” on facebook marketplace, though thats obviously a waiting game. I havent ordered from this company before, but this sofa with a tufted bench looks very similar to ours, but be sure to order leather swatches first to make sure you like the color! xx Stacie

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