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October Q&A

Stacie Flinner x Charlotte Brody Dress-6.jpg

Couldn’t get to all of your questions on the IG stories Q&A last week – so responding to 10 more this week! 

$300 and below loafer recommendation/ favorite loafers? 

I love Stubbs and Wootton loafers which are usually $500 but can be found on sale a couple times a year for under $300. (You can always get 20% off any pair with code “friendsofstacie”.) They’re incredibly comfortable and I can walk for miles in my Stubbs. I also love Sarah Flint’s Rosie loafer if you want something dressier with a little bit of a heel. They’re normally $345, but you can get $50 off your first Sarah Flint order with code “Stacie50” bringing them just under $300!

What is your favorite nail polish? 

If I’m wearing red it’s always Chanel’s Gitane. It’s pricey but has a healthier formula that doesn’t stain your nails. (So important when wearing red polish!) If I’m wearing a pale pink it’s Essie’s Mademoiselle

What is your dream decorating project?

A hotel in New England – ideally a historic property in the countryside with lots of walking paths around so I can recreate the Babington House experience stateside.

Where is the floral headboard in your guest room from?

It’s a DIY! I bought this inexpensive headboard and recovered it in Scalamandre’s Indian Arbre. Only requires one seam and a staple gun! 

Are you missing NYC?

Surprisingly – not at all. I thought the move would be hard, and worried about making a big decision during such an unusual year, but we love our new lifestyle and think (hope!) it’s permanent!

Favorite Book? Favorite movie?

A Severe Mercy by Sheldon Vanauken is my favorite book of all time (I’ve read it 14 times!) followed closely by The Great Gatsby (read 12x).  I can’t think of a favorite movie off the top of my head. Honestly, we don’t have a TV – just a projector for movie nights – which are infrequent :). 

How tall are you? 


What do you think about botox? Do you have tips for skin? 

Botox sounds scary to me, and I like the idea of aging naturally. I think my skin secret thus far is getting enough sleep, which is easy-ish since we don’t have kids yet. (Check with me again in a couple years. Ha.) Sleep, low and steady blood glucose levels (I track with this, science explained here), drinking enough water and moving a couple times of week are all my best skincare tips! I’ll do a full post on my normal skincare routine soon since several readers asked for it. 

What exciting trips are coming up for you two? 

We’re sticking around New England for the next couple months, but I’m heading to a friend’s house in Lincoln, Massachusetts this weekend then on to Woodstock, Vermont later this month to celebrate my birthday!

How did you cover your mattress? Did you add any cozy layer underneath? 

We just bought an Eight Sleep mattress and pod and have been using it for about 2 weeks and love it! Temperature is such an important component of getting a good night’s sleep and the pod allows you to adjust the temperature for each side of the bed using an app on your phone. I like to have the bed set to be warm when I slip under the covers, then cool a bit as the night goes on – warming again before I wake up. It’s amazing

There were lots of other questions about how David and I met, my decorating plans for the house, etc. So look forward to more Q&A style posts answering your questions soon! 

xx Stacie 


Charlotte Brody Dress c/o  // Ralph Lauren Mini RL Bag // Madewell Denim Jacket // Stubbs and Wootton Corzini Mule c/o (get 20% off with code “friendsofstacie”) // Pearl Earrings

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Stacie Flinner x Charlotte Brody Dress-1.jpg
Stacie Flinner x Charlotte Brody Dress-7.jpg
Stacie Flinner x Charlotte Brody Dress-5.jpg


Charlotte Brody Dress c/o  // Ralph Lauren Mini RL Bag // Madewell Denim Jacket // Stubbs and Wootton Corzini Mule c/o (get 20% off with code “friendsofstacie”) // Pearl Earrings

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  1. Lisa
    October 7, 2020 / 8:15 pm

    Loved your question and answers. Your blog is elegant and classy-just like you!

    • Stacie
      October 7, 2020 / 8:59 pm

      Thank you for the kind compliment Lisa – and for reading! xx, SF

  2. Joyce
    October 8, 2020 / 2:20 am

    We were in Woodstock last week. Definitely make a reservation if you want to eat at Simon Pearce, it was crowded. There’s a lot that’s closing (Woodstock Pharmacy) and not fully open (Long Trail Brewery). But the weather and the leaf peeping were great. We love the drive in S. Woodstock by the Kenton Valley Inn. Happy Birthday!

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