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Red, White, and Blue

Red White and Blue -1.jpg

Well, we are New Jersey residents for the time being! David and I both have the privilege of running our businesses from home and had been self-quarantining for over a week in Manhattan before making the move to our family shore house last week for a little more breathing room. We took these photos when we arrived and I’ve barely ventured past these steps since.

As you hopefully know by now, staying home is the best way to slow the spread of COVID – 19 and flatten the curve of sick people seeking medical care so we don’t overwhelm our healthcare system. I think we’re already at two weeks of quarantine? I’m losing track, but I urge you if you are able: STAY HOME. Whatever state you live in, please take this seriously and don’t wait for the government to force you to do it.

Of course many cannot stay at home because their jobs are vital to our country. Thank you to our nurses and doctors on the front lines of the pandemic, and the grocery store clerks, farmers, garbage men, delivery workers, and restaurant owners making sure basic needs are met. I am hugely cheered by the stories of businesses large and small implementing social distancing in their factories and pivoting production from fashion to face masks, alcohol to hand sanitizer, and luxury linens to hospital bedsheets. Necessity is the mother of invention and I’m cheering those on that are using these difficult circumstances to get creative about how to carry their businesses forward and serve people safely.

Even though things are uncertain right now, I opened my closet door and realized that most of what I had packed for quarantine was red, white, and blue. It was by accident, but reflects my general state of mind. I’m confident that our country, and our world will pull through this and emerge better on the other side.

Red White and Blue -2.jpg
Red White and Blue -3.jpg


Navy Fleece c/o // White Jeans // Red Raincoat c/o (also in yellow) // Blue Oxford // Loafers c/o // Nailpolish (Gitane) // Red Tote // Luggage c/o (currently 20% off)

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  1. March 29, 2020 / 2:29 am

    Lovely! My go to colors as well. Thank you for this sweet post. Stay well!


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