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Sale Alert: Steamline Luggage is 30% off!

Stacie Flinner Steamline Luggage

Steamline Luggage Currently on Sale for 30% off!

I have admired Steamline’s Collection for years and came extremely close to purchasing a set for our world trip, as few brands create old-world leather luggage evocative of the golden age of travel better. In the end, we picked slightly more discreet and practical luggage, but the dream of owning a beautiful set from Steamline never faded. (And I really, really wished I was carrying a set when we traveled aboard the Orient Express!) When a very well targeted Instagram ad came into my feed declaring my dream luggage was 30% off today (this NEVER happens) I had to share the news in case you’ve been considering them too!

Even on sale they’re still an investment and I’ve read extensive reviews on each piece. My biggest concern is wear and tear given the amount of travel we do, however as with any leather item, the finish will patina and improve with age, and each piece comes with a ripstop cover for protecting the finish if you have to (or choose to) check your bags. (Plus a 2 year warranty in case of extreme mishaps!) To my understanding the drawbacks seem to be that Steamline’s cases are a little heavier than most (eating into your weight allowance) and a bit harder to open/close than your typical zippered suitcase. Not major issues to my mind. With those assurances I’m ready to dive in and pick up a set – now I just need to decide on the color! I love the red, but as these cases are so beautiful I’ll likely use them as trunks in our bedroom to store blankets when they aren’t in use, and therefore want them to coordinate with my home decor. So maybe the deep green is better? Or the nude which would be amazing on a safari?

I’ve organized my favorites below. Which color and style most resonates with you?

xx, SF




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