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Baby Shower Blooms

Baby Shower Flower Arrangement - Final-4

Baby Shower Flower Arrangement - Final-3

Baby Shower Flower Arrangement - Final-2

Baby Shower Flower Arrangement-10

I’m excited to share photos of the floral arrangements I made for my friend, Boonsri‘s, baby shower. Today is her due date and we’re all so eager to meet her baby boy! I created low arrangements for the buffet tables using blue hydrangeas, pale pink roses, the most exquisite white ranunculus, and ornamental cabbage for a fresh spring feeling that complimented the cooler tones of the finishes in our lovely hostess, Alexa‘s, modern San Francisco home.

I also wanted to share a really funny, zero-ick-factor baby shower game that I learned from Alexa. It’s called “Multitasking Mommy” and was the perfect co-ed shower game to get everyone involved and laughing.

You’ll need:
20 feet or rope or cord (for your “clothesline”)
25-30 articles of baby clothing
25-30 clothespins
a laundry basket
a cell phone
a baby doll

How to play:
Have two guests each hold one end of the rope and pull it tight like a clothesline across the room.
Ask for your first participant, hand him or her the laundry basket full of onesies and clothespins, the babydoll and the cell phone.
Each participant must answer questions about the guest of honor from the audience while holding the baby, holding the phone to his/her ear and pinning as many baby clothes to the line as possible in the span of a minute.
The “Mulittasking Mommy” that pins the most clothes in 1 minute wins.

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