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How to Style the Alexandra Boot


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There are so many boot styles to choose from this season, but I wanted to dedicate a post to one style that is a fabulous problem solver in my wardrobe – the Alexandra Boot by Sarah Flint. Handmade in Italy of luxurious stretch suede with a glam little tortoise heel, this boot is a godsend to wear with skirts and dresses come fall and winter. Here’s why I love them and my two favorite ways to wear them: 

  • They’re lightweight – most of my knee high boots such as my riding boots or heeled boots are heavier and have a rigid shaft which means they’re more difficult to travel with taking up a lot of space and weight allowance in my luggage. Not so with the Alexandra boot. The soft suede takes up minimal space and weighs almost nothing, which is fabulous whether you’re packing for a holiday flight to see family, or just out and about all day. 
  • They’re comfortable – The stretchy suede feels like you’re wearing a sock and the low 50mm heel makes them a great candidate for all-day walking, or staying comfy at a dinner party. 
  • They’re flattering – Pairing your skirt with the right boots can be tricky, as many boots add a lot of visual weight to your look, but the slim shaft of the Alexandra boot skims under skirts with ease. The zip at the inside ankle ensures they offer a slim silhouette and the almond toe helps elongate your legs. I have relatively small calves and they stay up well, but even my wider calf friends are in love with this shoe! 
  • They come in so many colors – I scooped these up in espresso brown and black suede to get the most mileage out of them for my wardrobe but they also come in taupe, navy, and burgundy depending on the colors you wear most.  

My two favorite ways to style this fabulous boot are with a mini skirt or dress or with a midi/maxi skirt or dress, and they work wonderfully with bare legs and socks, or paired with tights in a tonal color.

With a Mini – When styling with a mini, I like to either wear a chunkier sweater or knee length coat on top to balance out my streamlined bottom half. (For example: I wouldn’t wear with a fitted blazer or just a tight sweater on top as it overall looks too sleek.) Tucking the front of your sweater into your mini helps elongate your legs and keep your knitwear in place. For mini dresses, I’d avoid skin tight dresses and opt for something with a little more volume to balance out the slim boots. 

With a midi or maxi – For deep winter I love wearing these boots with a midi or maxi length skirt or dress and tights.  The knee high suede keeps me warm, and as I said above the foot of the boot is slim enough that it doesn’t make you look bulky. One of my go-to formulas is a maxi dress with a statement belt and these boots, or I’ll opt for a sweater and skirt combo (again, often cinched at the waist with a belt.) In contrast to my advice about wearing a mini, I like pairing slimmer sweaters with midi or maxi skirts to balance the volume of the skirt. Plenty examples of what I mean below! 


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  1. October 27, 2023 / 2:46 am

    Love all the different ways you’ve styled these boots through the years, Stacie! Such a good point about them taking up very little space in luggage!!

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