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Our Christmas Decor

Stacie Flinner Christmas Decor Ideas-9.jpg

Happy Christmas Eve Eve! I got such a wonderful response from this Instagram explaining how the decor at Ralph’s in London inspired my own holiday decorating, I wanted to share a few images of our Christmas decor before I leave for my parents’ place for the holidays.

My decorating formula is simple: tartans + greenery = an easy holiday look. I love plaid and mixing a few different patterns together feels extra festive this time of year. I regularly change my pillow covers to reflect each season and bringing in plaid pillows creates a big visual impact yet won’t take up much space when stored away after the holidays. I love the luxurious texture of these beautiful silk tartan pillows (red version, white version) from Williams Sonoma, which are already on sale! These wool pillows are equally festive but more durable if you have kids. (You can see our living room “before” the decor in this post here.)

Not only did tartan pop up on pillows, but also ornaments, throw blankets, and big bows around my blue and white ginger jars that I filled with a variety of evergreen branches. Historically, I haven’t had space to store a lot of holiday decor so I’ve always relied on lots of fresh greenery and pinecones which can be enjoyed during December and recycled in January. I pop by Trader Joes the week after Thanksgiving for affordable greenery, gathering up several of their garlands, wreaths, and little rosemary trees for our home. When we get our Christmas tree, I’ll ask to keep the extra branches they cut from the bottom of our tree to fill the blue and white jars and tuck around our home.

Stacie Flinner Christmas Decor Ideas-10.jpg
Stacie Flinner Christmas Decor Ideas-1.jpg
Stacie Flinner Christmas Tree Decor 2
Stacie Flinner Christmas Decor Ideas-4.jpg
Stacie Flinner Christmas Decor Ideas-6.jpg
Stacie Flinner Christmas Decor Ideas-3.jpg
Stacie Flinner Christmas Decor Ideas-8.jpg
Stacie Flinner Christmas Decor Ideas-7.jpg
Stacie Flinner Christmas Decor Ideas-2.jpg


Merry Christmas and thank you for reading!
xx, SF

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