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Our Wedding

Stacie Flinner Napa Wedding-2

Three years ago today!

I realized earlier this year that I’ve never shared photos of our wedding day beyond our friends and family and a few Instagram posts, so for our 3rd anniversary I felt it only fitting.

David and I married during harvest season in Napa Valley. We were still living in New York City at the time and my mom and bridesmaids were a huge help in the planning process. My strategy was to pick an excellent venue, band, caterer and photographer – then DIY the rest. From the flowers to the stationary to my dress, it was a busy 6 month engagement creating many of the elements for our wedding day. The color scheme was a bit unusual, since everything was white – except for my dress! I’ve always loved French Ancelon lace, so when I was designing my gown I chose a blush colored silk satin for the body of the dress so the design of the lace would pop against the blush base. Sewing my dress took over 100 hours alone and I may have been caught putting the finishing touches on my dress the night before the wedding!

Stacie Flinner Napa Wedding-3

Stacie and David Flinner Napa Wedding-2

Stacie Flinner Napa Wedding-11

Stacie and David Flinner Napa Wedding-9

Stacie and David Flinner Napa Wedding-4

Stacie Flinner Napa Wedding-13

Stacie and David Flinner Napa Wedding-8

Stacie and David Flinner Napa Wedding-7

Stacie Flinner Napa Wedding-4

Stacie Flinner Napa Wedding-6

Stacie Flinner Napa Wedding-5

Stacie Flinner Napa Wedding-1

Stacie Flinner Napa Wedding-14

Stacie Flinner Napa Wedding-18

Stacie Flinner Napa Wedding-19

Stacie Flinner Napa Wedding-26

Stacie and David Flinner Napa Wedding Ceremony-1

Stacie Flinner Napa Wedding-30

Stacie Flinner Napa Wedding-38

Stacie Flinner Napa Wedding-37

Stacie Flinner Napa Wedding-32

Stacie Flinner Napa Wedding-34

Stacie Flinner Napa Wedding-60

Stacie Flinner Napa Wedding-54

Stacie Flinner Napa Wedding-46

Stacie Flinner Napa Wedding-56

Stacie Flinner Napa Wedding-48

The best advice we received for our wedding day was that we should stay together from the moment we met at the altar until we left in our getaway car. That way we’d have the same, shared, memories of our wedding and reception, as it’s easy to get pulled in separate directions and realize you had different experiences of your wedding day! We’ve extended this “shared experiences” concept into our marriage too – trying to experience as many things as possible in tandem. Sometimes this is as simple as learning a new hobby like fly fishing so I can join David on fishing trips and enjoy days out on the river together. And sometimes it means making your relationship a priority as you navigate big decisions. So! We’re kicking off our fourth year of marriage by packing up our apartment in preparation for an exciting change in 2017. And I can’t wait to share the details with you all soon.

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xx, SF

Photos by Jesse Leake Photography.

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