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The Perfect Dry Martini

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This post is in partnership with No. 3 London Dry Gin.

While cold weather has me reaching for old fashioneds, with the summer months upon us my cocktails of choice are almost always made with gin. My annual summer fling with gin is one part nostalgia for G&T’s after a hot day on safari and another part the draw of gin’s botanical notes which compliment the flowering world around us. 

For me, nothing conjures the feeling of visiting a fabulous bar like an ice cold martini in a beautiful glass. This summer, in quarantine, the gin martini reigns supreme. You all seem to love my recent cocktail recipes so here’s a classic everyone should know by heart to up your at-home cocktail game. So pull out the fancy stemware, put on a dress (or collared shirt!), and recreate the premium bar experience you’ve been missing out on at home with the perfect classic dry martini. 

But what makes a martini dry? Short answer: the ratio of gin to vermouth. A classic martini will have 2 oz gin, .5 oz vermouth. Reduce the portion of vermouth to make it dry, increase it to make it wet.  Since martinis are so spirit forward and cannot hide behind sugary syrups or other ingredients, finding the right gin is vital. Martini’s require a pure, crisp and refreshing London Dry Gin, and I love No. 3 Gin for the perfect balance of juniper, citrus and spice. While some gins have become very experimental with wild botanical combinations I love a classic approach.  With juniper at the fore, supported by floral, summery notes and spicy, warm flavors of cardamom and finishing with a little citrus and coriander – No 3. is the perfect expression of summer in a glass.  

Recipe below, and read on for a bit of history about No. 3 London Dry Gin

The Perfect Dry Martini Recipe

Stir gin and vermouth over ice in a mixing glass and strain into chilled martini glass. Pare the rind of a lemon and give it a twist to express the oils into the glass.

Background: No.3 is produced in Holland, the birthplace of gin.  Made in the traditional way, No. 3 is specially crafted for a classic dry martini or refreshing gin & tonic. Created by an expert team including Dr. David Clutton, the only person in the world with a PhD in Gin (!), the recipe for No.3 was painstakingly scrutinized and altered 12 times over two years before finally landing on the final recipe, which has remained unchanged since the debut of No.3 London Dry Gin in 2010, and has won World’s Best Gin four times since. 

If you’re on the hunt, you can find No. 3 Gin at Astor Wines & Spirits, K&L Wine Merchants and Total Wine & More, as well as online at ReserveBar.

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