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The Perfect Pina Colada

Elegant Tropical Hawaiian Birthday Party -18

Pina Coladas are my tropical drink of choice, so when I was asked to put together a Hawaiian-themed birthday party I knew we needed to prepare the perfect version for our signature drink.

Since the event skewed more “upscale tropical” than “tiki/luau” we skipped the tiki mugs and went with clean simple highball glasses wrapped in striated leaves and finished with an orchid. I love how they turned out and they were the perfect way to greet guests as they entered the party.

The Perfect Pina Colada

Ingredients. (1 serving)
1 1/2 oz Bacardi Superior light rum
2 oz cream of coconut (I used Goya)
2 oz fresh pineapple juice
1 cup of ice cubes
1 straw
1 pineapple wedge (optional)

Combine all ingredients in a blender. (Add more ice if necessary to achieve the perfect frosty consistency.) Pour into glasses, and finish with a straw. If you are using plain glasses, garnish with a pineapple wedge on the rim.

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