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Cabo Diary

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Last Month David and I joined some of his colleagues on a last minute getaway to Cabo San Lucas. It was a nice change of pace to have someone else plan the details of a trip, all we had to do was throw a few things in a duffle and board the plane. We stayed at the Grand Fiesta Americana in Cabo San Lucas, my first all-inclusive experience and I can now understand the allure of all-inclusives. You don’t have to make any decisions! The waterfront resort was set on a beautiful stretch of beach along the Sea of Cortez, and we spent every spare moment in the cabanas and under the palm-thatched umbrellas enjoying the warm air and beautiful water. At night we’d tuck into one of the hammocks on the beach and watch for shooting stars.

Discoveries from our time in Cabo:

1. Hotel room safes are VERY secure. Shortly after we arrived we locked up our computers and passports…only to discover the safe malfunctioned and would not open! It took hotel staff a solid 40 minutes of hacking at the lock to free our things.

2. I love high ropes courses. Our group did an outing with Cabo Adventures and spent 2 hours traversing canyons via ziplines and ropes. The grand finale was the longest zipline in North America, at over a mile long. We had a blast, but there are no pictures to prove it because we were strongly discouraged from bringing our phones in case they’d slip from pockets while on the course. Cabo Adventures was extremely professional – a comfort when you’re walking the highwire! – and the guides were cheerful and appeared to be having as much fun as their guests.

3. We had dinner on the beach complete with a Mariachi band. Which is when I learned that the song “La Cucaracha” is about a COCKROACH. Eww.

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